Our story


Hey! We're Tom and Amber the hands, hearts and noses behind Leith & Co candles!


We began making candles in August 2019, simply out of a love for candles and the burning hole they left in our pockets each pay day. We believe that there is no better feeling, than coming home after a long day at work to a loving and delightful smelling home. Whether that be the scent still lingering from the evening prior or the candle you're about to light. Their aromatic properties promote stress relief and  mental clarity, I mean, common it's 2021 - who doesn't fancy themselves a bit of that?


One day we ordered some wax, wicks and essential oils thinking we were about to make the best candles we've ever smelt. Little did we know how hard this would be! There's so much science to it and we ABSOLUTELY loved it. To begin with we planned to gift the candles as Christmas presents and didn't even consider selling them. Our family and friends loved them so much that they asked us to send a batch over to them to gift as Christmas presents (yay!)... Leith & Co was born. 


We're not a big company, it's just the two of us. Churning out candles in our kitchen in Manchester, because we simply love to.

We're on a mission to be both environmentally responsible and sustainable and are always looking for new ways to develop.  Our candles are cotton wicked, 100% eco ecofriendly soy wax and blended with our combinations of vegan fragrance and essential oils, delivered to your door in 100% recyclable packaging. 


We love our signature scents and really hope that you do too!

Love Tom & Amber x